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The long-term success of the indirect sales channel as a powerful revenue source


The indirect sales channel delivers a significant portion of many carriers’ and vendors’ annual sales. With some additional support, training and best practices, the indirect sales channel can drive even more new business to you. In fact, many carriers and vendors rely solely and exclusively on their indirect sales channel. TCA will foster the best possible environment for success of the indirect sales channel as a major source of revenue for its Vendor Members.


Involvement in the development of industry wide standards for conduct and best practices


Over the past few years the world of the indirect sales channel has come a long way. And with the rapid growth, there are now more challenges than ever that we must overcome to fully tap the potential of the indirect sales channel. So it is imperative that we act as an industry. TCA will serve as a neutral body for the sharing and development of industry wide standards of conduct and best practices. This is critical to the advancement of our industry as a whole. It requires each of us to anticipate the future, not wait and react when it comes, but rather work to create it. Through your involvement on the Vendor Advisory Board, you can be a part of an unprecedented initiative to shape and define the way the industry does business.



Vendor Membership

Premier Vendor Membership

Membership Dues: $6720

Benefits Include:

  • Channel Partners ads: Logo Visibility
  • Ability to host and participate in webinars for TCA agents
  • On TCA web site and all promo materials: Prominent top logo placement on TCA home page as well as Members page, with web site hyperlink, as well as Premier Vendor title
  • Logo, Vendor spotlight write up , and banner ad in a TCA e-newsletter
  • Special recognition and incentives at Channel Chief Summits, held twice annually at Channel Partners
  • Priority coverage and mention in TCA public relations

General Vendor Membership

Membership Dues: $3360

Benefits include:

  • Channel Partner ads: Logo Visibility
  • Ability to participate in webinars for TCA agents
  • On TCA website and all promo materials: Logo placement with web site hyperlink
  • Logo in TCA e-newsletter



The ability to substantiate the value and impact of the indirect sales channel on the overall bottom line of your organization

The indirect sales channel is the most efficient way to market your services. With a much lower initial cost of sales, lower headcount to support the sales support efforts, increased customer retention, etc. It’s a win-win situation. TCA membership will enable your organization to be more in touch with channel issues and operate much more efficiently with mutually developed standards and best practices. In turn, this will positively impact your bottom line.


In addition, TCA will help you substantiate the value and impact of the indirect sales channel to make your case for greater marketing resources. For example, when you appeal to executive management for more budget, headcount, systems, etc., TCA will be there to flesh out those requests with accurate, convincing market data. You’ll have more time to focus on running your indirect sales channel and less time convincing management to provide the resources to accomplish your marketing objectives.


Help foster organization, proper training and ethical standards throughout the indirect sales channel community


As a founding vendor member, you will have the opportunity to participate on the TCA’s Vendor Advisory Board certification program of TCA, which provides feedback, guidance and support for the CTP.

Access to a credible forum for highlighting the advantages and benefits of your channel program

TCA’s objective is to attract and retain worldwide membership from indirect sales channel partners, both large and small. As a Vendor Member, you will be included in e-mail communications to all members, have representation on TCA’s Website and have access to the TCA biannual Channel Chief Summits held at the Channel Partners Conference & Expos. All of these avenues of communication will provide Vendor Members with the opportunity to showcase the features and benefits of their particular channel programs when recruiting TCA Certified Members. There are currently very few forums for vendors to market to indirect sales channel partners. As TCA’s membership grows, participation and collaboration with TCA increasingly will become integral to any comprehensive and successful vendor marketing plan.


Certified Telecommunications Professional


TCA has taken the first critical step to build an industry standard around technical concepts and business practices. In an effort to build on the professionalism and integrity of the people, a certification program was introduced that verifies the certified telecom professional has a solid understanding of the critical fundamentals of the industry and how they apply to the end users and carriers. Participation in the program is paramount to continue the professional development of the industry.


Vendor Member Channel Chief Summits

At each Channel Partners show, all Vendor members are invited to join the TCA Board for its Channel Chief Summit. The Summits offer these industry leaders an opportunity to meet and have collaborative discussions on the hot topics of the day. Each Summit agenda features an industry speaker on such topics as market research and VAR trends, TCA updates, and time for Channel Chief open dialogue. This is a must-attend event held at each CP show.