The Technology Channel Association (TCA) is a non-profit organization that serves as the industry's first-ever trade association. Read its Code of Ethics.

TCA's new and voluntary Certified Telecommunications Professional (CTP) program will advance Agent business relationships and energize the indirect sales channel.

TCA is proud to provide its members with educational programming. Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming webinars!


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 Provide trusted leadership in addressing industry challenges

 Deliver value-added programs and services to meet the identified needs of its members

 Leverage the collective voice of the indirect sales channel community to ensure its success

 Advocate the indirect sales channel as a viable, sustainable alternative to the direct sales

 Develop a knowledgebase of best practices to foster the growth and success of the indirect
      sales channel and its businesses

 Consolidate market data and metrics to support the impact of the indirect sales channels on
      the overall success of the industry

 Develop and promote industry wide standards of conduct through collaboration of indirect
      sales channel partners and vendors




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